Feb 15, 2015

7 Facebook Tricks That You Must Know 2015

 Facebook is top most visited site with billions of users. Facebook Tricks are becoming popular among all , Because it is fun to try new and different tricks. Here I am Sharing Some latest cool facebook tricks that you should know and have fun using facebook. Also Facebook Hacking is also going on so here in this post i have shared some tips for facebook that  will keep you safe and secure from hacking attacks.

Post Facebook status Upside down with FlipText

Be creative and post something different .. Creating stylish status using different fonts and symbols are common nowadays. Do something different , Post a upside down status and give a shock to your friend. Yes, It is possible . You can easily post flip text to your facebook wall without wasting too much time. Like in given Below Screenshot.
2014-06-17_15h58_062014-06-17_15h58_06 - Copy

Follow the below given 3 easy Steps :
  • Just Visit Fliptext. Fliptext is a cool website which allow you to flip your status easily. Visit Fliptext.
  • Now Write down the Status you want to flip. Then Click on Flip Text.
  • Just Copy the flipped text and paste it in your Status Box.

Find Who Unfriend you on facebook Using Unfriend Finder

When someone’s add us on facebook , we get notified but when someone delete or unfriend we don’t get any notification. Because of this , We are unable to find the person who unfriend us or for what reason He/She unfriend us. But Using The trick i am giving you, You can easily keep a record of people who unfriend you.
  • Now,  you can easily keep a record of people who unfriend you.

Get Free Unlimited likes on Profile Photos

Wonder how some one get 1000’s of likes on their profile pictures, Even when they have only 100’s of friends in their friend list . Autolike is a trick which is used by many person to get fake likes on their photos and Impress their Friends

Check This post to know more : How facebook auto like tricks work

Post Funny Comments on others post using FB Comment Photos


Use photo to comment . Check This post : Download funny desi comment pics– Full Album in one click 

Make your Facebook Account Hard to Hack

Their are many ways hacker can hack your facebook account and can steal your personal info. Facebook Hacking is a very serious problem . But hackers can hack our facebook account only if we are careless.
Read This Effective tips to Secure your facebook account from getting hacked.

Check This Post : Make Your Facebook Account Hard To Hack

Schedule your Fan Page Post to Update Later Automatically

Check Out this Post : Schedule Facebook Post on Your Fan page

Update Facebook Status with different Devices like  Iphone , Samsung Note etc.

With this trick you can easily Update your facebook status with any device and can show off in front of your friends. You will notice that when someone update status with iPhone it appears as updated via iOS (Check Below Given ScreenShot). Don’t worry, you don’t need any iPhone or any specific device to update your status from different below.  You can easily update your status , Visit Facebook Status Updater and Click on the device name you want to update your status from.



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