Jan 19, 2016

How to Hack Wi-Fi Easily Ultimate guide 2016

Many of my buddies request me to update a working Wi-Fi-hacking process. ( you can also request any tricks you want .  contact us by using contact form at the end of the page ). So Here I am going to teach you how you can easily Hack your neighbor's  protected Wi-Fi . Wireless hot spots (Wi-Fi can be found everywhere!  if you have a PC with a wireless network card ,  then you must have seen many networks around you . but  unfortunately almost all of that are secured with a network security key.  With the trick I am going to give you, you can easily hack a secured Wi-Fi and access internet for free.


What You Need

1. A compatible wireless adapter :
In this process we are using a software name CommView to hack Wi-Fi . So it is highly recommended that you must have a compatible wireless card with CommView. This is to ensures that the wireless card can go into monitor mode which is essential for capturing packets ( Main part of the process). Click here to check the compatibility of your wireless card .
2. CommView (Software use to capture packets) :
you must download this software which is used to capture the packets from desired network adapter.  you can download the software easily from here .

3. Aircrack-ng GUI (Software used for cracking):
Aircrack-ng GUI is a software used for actual cracking of packets  captured using commview.  Download Aircrack-ng GUI here.

Step 1 : Setting Up CommView

  • After downloading Zip file of  CommView for  wifi  , Extract it and run the setup.exe . An installation guide will open when you first rum CommView . Follow the prompts to install the driver for your wireless card.
  • Run CommView for Wi-Fi and click the play icon on the top left of  the CommView window . it will starts scanning for Wi-Fi near you .
  • After few minutes you will see a list of wireless network near you with their signal and security type . Choose a desired target network that you want to crack. ( Choose only WEP network with the highest signal).
  • After choosing desired network , click capture to start capturing packets from the desired channel.


Step 2 :   Wait until packets captured.

Now you have to wait for the packets to being captured. this step needs patience. you should  have to capture minimum  100,000 packets for a decent signal. After collecting enough data , Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the log tab and click on concatenate logs.
  • Select all the logs that have been saved.
  • Do not close CommView for wifi.
  • Now navigate to the folder where the concatenated logs have been saved.
  • open the log file. Select File – export – wire shark  tcpdump format and choose any suitable destination. Now your logs will be saved with .cap extension.




Now you have to use the software you downloaded before  i.e  Aircrack-ng GUI . Extract the zip file of Aircrack-ng GUI . After extracting…
  • Run Aircrack-ng GUI .
  • Choose WEP and Open your .cap  file that you have saved before .
  • Click launch  and type the index number of your target wireless network in command prompt.
  • After that all you have to do is Wait .
If everything goes fine the wireless key will be shown.

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