Feb 14, 2016

Best Method to Root Android Phone Without PC/MAC Updated 2016

Simple way to Root Android without PC/Computer

Android is an operating system which is used by many of the smartphones but these does not have the complete access for the device, so to have the complete root access rooting has emerged. Rooting is a simple procedure which crosses its limitations and gets the full access to the operating system. There are many tricks to root a device. But a typical question may arise "how to root android without computer". This post gives a clear picture to that question and also you will get the simple ways to root android without PC.
Before knowing how to root android, you must know some terms to get the full idea about root my android. In this rooting there is no effect on the memory and more over you can use the latest android operating systems with the root. We can even increase the smartphone processing speed by customizing the ROM. 

Root Android without PC/Computer

The Best way to root software for android is the Framaroot, its a simple smartphone app which can root all the android devices without any computers/pc.  Actually this app was developed from the XDA forums, which installs SU binary for mobiles. This framaroot app supports android 2 to android 4.2 versions. 
----->First download free framaroot app from here, its a app to download root for android.

----->After downloading the app, move it into the internal memory in a folder.
----->In case if you have downloaded the file into a computer, then you need to move the apk file to your smartphone, you may use android pc software.
----->After moving the APK framaroot file, install the particular apk file. While installation it will ask for an action after root, in that choose superuser.

Select an action to execute after root

Install Superuser
Select an exploit
Aragorn  Gandalf
----->You can select any one of the exploit in the application of your choice. After selection wait for some time until the installation gets completed. Later you will get a success message on the display indicating that rooted app is successfully installed.
Success... Superuser and Su binary installed
----->Now reboot the system to complete the process of Rooting Android.

Using this tutorial you now got how to root software for android, in case if you have a doubt whether your device is rooted or not, then you can verify it by using the checker app. 
                               "Root Checker"
Click on the Root checker to check whether your android device is rooted or not.
Hope now you got the simplest method to root a mobile, even for rooting android tablet you can use the same above procedure. If you have any queries regarding the rooting comment below and share with us!!!!!..... 

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