May 14, 2015

Check Profile Visitors on Facebook - Powered by Google Chrome

Are you curious or excited to know about the peoples who are visiting your Facebook Profiles? I know 90% answers will be 'YES'. I'm sure before reading this post if you ever tried in Google for different softwares or programs to know your profile visitors, you weren't be succeed. Because on internet peoples are posting lots of fake posts and programs like this. 

But today finally you are going to done this job after reading my this article. The technique for which i am going to talk about is not created by me or any third party persons. This is a extension for browser which tracks the activities and visitors of your profile. And this extension/technique is owned by Google chrome. After reading the name of Google chrome you might be sure about the reality of this post and you are eagerly waiting to know about how to get this extension which is powered by Google chrome.

Download Google Extension!

Click here to Download this extension
Extension size: 200kb Approx.
After downloading this extension, you will see a new option in your facebook profile like shown in below image.

Now click on 'Visitor's' option to check your profile viewers.
You're Done!


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