Nov 3, 2015

How to Increase Android Phone Speed with Simple Performance Tweak

How to Increase Android Smartphone Speed - Making your Android Phone faster is not a simple task sometimes usually when you phone is of low memory. Low memory phones are very slow. Every Smartphone user wants to use his device efficiently without any problem, but many android devices with low device constraints like low memory etc are not much fast that a user desire. For this purpose, the user uses various apps like Junk Cleaner, Task Killer etc to make his android device faster. I am sharing a Trick using that you can enhance and increase the speed of your device without utilizing any App.

How to Increase Android Speed with this simple steps

This technique is very Easy to use and very effecting to speed up your android device and Increase android phone speed.What you have to do is only Restricting some background process in your android smartphone to speed it up. Follow Some Easy Steps below to Reduce background and increase android phone speed without rooting your device

1. Go to Settings > Developers Options and choose "Background process limitation" as shown in below screenshot.

 2. By default it is Set to "Standard Limit" . Change it to "No Background Process"

It will Reduces your Background Process and hence make your android device faster and Improve speed your android phone

Final Verdict: This is very simple, easy and effective technique to speed your android device. Also, It does not need any root access to kill down background process which is the best part of this trick. Share this post how to increase Android Phone Speed with your friends If you like this, Please give us a minute by sharing our post on Facebook or any other social media and help us to grow.  Keep Visiting :) for more awesome stuff


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