Nov 8, 2015

How to write a perfectly optimized content for your blog

1. Be Original. Be Yourself.

It’s okay to publish a blog post of a news story that’s already blogged by 1,000 websites as part of your niche. The question is why are your article unique? Are you just rewriting what’s printed in other blogs or will you be including your own personal views and ideas? If you’re adding value to your blog site posts in a way or other then you’re on the right course. It doesn’t matter in case you have haters or if they’re criticizing your site posts given that you’re right.

2. Use Keywords Effectively

As you most likely know, keywords are keyphrases that people use to locate webpages and market research is the practice of picking out the value of those keywords. Keyword researchis not necessary for all your blog post posts but it’s essential when you’re writing an in-depth short article or a tutorial.

So, why is niche research important? If your awesome writing is missing giving her a very keywords this means it’s not search optimized. Since search engines like google use keywords (and naturally other signals too) to look for the relevancy of your page it’s essential to include the keywords that men and women will be using to find your site post.

3. Write An Epic Title

People will read your title and that’s guaranteed nonetheless they don’t read your site post word-by-word unless to merely. So writing a robust title would be the quickest solution to grab a person's eye of your readers. Make sure it’s lower than 70 characters and it’s a good practice when the primary keywords that you’re targeting are near the beginning of the title.

4. Write An Alternate Title And Make It Your H1 Tag

When you've done an in-depth post after the necessary market and keyword research and competitor analysis you may think about two titles (the truth is the 2nd one could be the H1 tag).  WordPress (plus some other website cms) automagically assumes your Title tag and H1 are exactly the same and there’s no choice to change it

5. Write A Good Introduction

Introduction will be the next thing following your title that folks actually read. If you have a fantastic introduction then almost certainly they will read your entire post or at least scan it. You can summarize the entire blog post as part of your introduction by telling what you’re currently talking about and why people should actually make out the print.

6. Interlink Your Blog Posts

If you intend to increase the ranking of your blog site posts make sure that your site posts are interlinked. Internal linking not merely means that your particular pages should be reachable through your homepage but it also signifies that the inner pages should be linking to one another. When you’re linking your personal internal pages you’re actually passing link juice to individuals pages thereby increasing its ranking.

7. Link Out To Other Blog Posts

Even if you’re linking with a competitor it doesn’t signify you won’t outrank them. Since search engines like yahoo use 100s of signals to rate a web page to outrank your competitor even when you’re linking for them.

And it doesn’t show that when you’re writing your site post you need to link for a competitor who's got covered the identical topic. If that may be the case that means that you’re giving a vote in your competitor for your current topic and will also boost their ranking.


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