Jul 14, 2015

Find Out Which Apple Watch Is Best for You with the Apple Store App

Apple announced a bunch of details about its new Apple Watch this week, but if you're interested in getting one for yourself, it's kind of a confusing mess to figure out which one to get. The Apple Store app has a handy feature that makes at least one part of that process a little easier.

If you open up the Apple Store app, you can take a look at the two different watch sizes in actual size so you can decide which size is best for your wrist. If you need a little more help still, MacWorld has a guide that breaks down the absurd number of options you have to choose from as well. Apple's also put together a sizing guide for the different strap sizes. You have until the April 10th preorder date to make your decision (or talk yourself out of buying one), but you can get a head start now if you're into it.


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