Jul 26, 2015

Make more than $250 a month without Blog [Ultimate Guide]

Hello Friends… Hope you all are fine. Today I am sharing an article that is meant for those who are seeking to make money online and does not getting success. In this Article I am sharing ultimate strategy using which you can make hundred of dollars per month without any investment and risk.

earn with bubblews

Note: Read this Article very Carefully , May this article will change your life and can be prove very beneficial for you. I myself try Bubblews and i will share my whole experience with you. Just read the full article carefully.

What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is a revenue sharing website which pays users to write articles.  They Split the ad revenue that they make with the authors in 50/50 Ratio. Their are lots of revenue sharing websites that pays users to write but bubblews is little different from others. Bubblews is very simple and easy to use. The working of bubblews is very simple , Write a post, Get views to your post and bubblews will you for Every single view. Bubblews Also pays for Every like and Comment you Receive on your post. And the Rates are comparatively very high.

How Much Bubblews Pay you ?

Bubblews is one of the Leading Online revenue sharing community with millions of users. Their pay rates are comparatively  very high and you get paid of every single visit to your post. The Rates of every visit, like , comment are given below.

For Every View to Your Post you will get : $0.01 per view
For Every like to your Post you will get : $0.02 per like
For Every Comment to your Post you will get : $0.02 per Comment

That is really a very great amount.
Take an Example ,  lets see How much can you make through Bubblews.

Suppose You Write 10 Article Daily on Bubblews. It is very easy to write 10 article on bubblews because minimum character count is only 400+ Characters.

10 Article daily having 50 views , 20 likes and 10 comments on Each Article.
10 Articles x 50 views x $0.01 =  $5
10 Articles x 20 likes x $0.02 = $4
10 Articles x 10 comments x $0.02 = $4
Total = $13 a day with working of 2-3 hours a day on Bubblews.

According to This Your Monthly Income will be $13 x 30 = $390
That is not Bad at all

Note : This is only a Rough Estimate , You can earn more that this if you work smartly and does not violate the rules of bubblews.

Rules and Terms of Bubblews

Below listed are some guidelines and strict rules of Bubblews that you have to follow very seriously otherwise your Bubblews account will be Ban or Block without any prior Notification and all your Earnings on Bubblews will be lost.
Bubblews Provide a Real Amazing Platform for anyone to make money. So why not they can have some strict rules. Don’t Worry, these rules are very easy to follow.
  • Submitting Content Copied from other Places : If you post content copied from other websites or anywhere than bubblews mark it as Stealing and Bubblews never pays for such Content. Also you can cause a risk to your Bubblews Account.
  • Begging for Likes,Comments and Views : Bubblews have a powerful system to record that from where you are getting views and How. Asking for likes and views is not acceptable by Bubblews . Never Participate in such Action by which your Account will be at risk.
  • Using Bot, Traffic Exchange Programs, Proxies , Virtual private network etc. : Using any of these will immediately Block your Account.
  • Submitting Only Images or Content less than 400+ will lead to account ban
  • Do not allow Posting Adult contents,semi pornographic.
  • Do now allow Posting content not written in English

Strategy to Follow 

Friends , I think now you know enough about Bubblews. Many People around the Web mark Bubblews as Scam but that is not a truth at all. They does not follow bubblews Rules and Bubblews block them, and they think Bubblews is a Scam. You can search on Internet , Thousand of People have considered Bubblews as their Main and Only source of income. My Friend had Received 5 payment from bubblews without any problem. He Earned more than 300$ using Bubblews. You just have to work Smartly and Carefully without violating Terms of Bubblews.
  • First Step is to Create an account on Bubblews: Go Here and Create an Account with all details. Write about you in Bio box and  Fill all the Details Correctly. You will get $1 for Joining Bubblews by Clicking Here
                                           Join Now 
  • Write Quality Content: Bubblews love Quality and good content, Hence Bubblews have no problem in paying for Quality content. So Always right good and 100% Unique  Article . To Check that your article is 100% unique or not you can use Plagiarism checker.  and Make it a Habit of writing 10 articles a day . More article will result in more views and likes that mean more Earning.
  • No Begging and Spamming : This is what you really have to follow otherwise you can never make even a single penny from Bubblews. Bubblews have a very strong system to recognise referral traffic therefore never ask anyone to view your posts or like and comment. Not only on Bubblews, also never ask anyone to view you post on any social networking sites .
  • Start Creating Connections : You can Connect to other bubblews users easily and you will get notified every time that users write a post whom you are connected.  Therefore , It is clear that more connection will give more views and Exposure to your Post. Make sure that others also connect with you.
  • Bring Views to Your Posts: This is most important part of your bubblews earning because more views will bring more $$$$ . You can share your post on Social networking sites like Facebook , Google+ , Twitter Etc. Also If you Know SEO , you can get views from Google .  Like others post and comment on others post but make sure never ask anyone for likes or comments.
Minimum Redemption Amount is only $50 which you can redeem through paypal or check .

Final Words ( Conclusion) : One of My Friend Recommend me to use Bubblews and I started using Bubblews and i am very satisfied from Bubblews. Bubblews is a great network with million of users who are making money through it. Never violate Bubblews Rules and terms . So what you are waiting for? Join Bubblews now .Write your First Post on Bubblews and see the magic.

Click Here to Join Bubblews and Get $1 for free in your Bubblews account.


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