Jul 31, 2015

Working Facebook Autolike Site - Get Auto Likes

Many of you asked me How to Get Autolikes on Facebook Photos and Status . I already had written a post on how facebook autolike works and you all like that post so I decided to review an another working facebook autolike Site i.e GetAutoLikes.com . Almost all of you reading this post know what is facebook autolike and how it works . If you are new to facebook autolikes check out this post How facebook auto like tricks work  . Getting more and more likes on facebook status and photos represents popularity of a person but likes depends on the number of friends you have in your friend list. Don't worry if you have less number of friends you can use Facebook Autolike Trick to get Likes on your Facebook Status or photo and also you can get free auto likes on your profile picture .

It is Very easy to use Facebook Autolike . Their are many Facebook Autolike sites for Computers as well as Mobiles and tablets too that provides likes for free . Using facebook autolike is very easy to use once you understand how it works . You just have to allow an facebook app and you are done. Facebook autolike sites need Access Token to provide likes . So Read the Post Carefully to know how to get access token for facebook autolike site.

How to Get Free Facebook Autolikes and Access Token 

1. First you have to choose a facebook autolike site for you . You can use any of sites available on web . 
   Here I am using GetAutoLikes.com   . 

2. If you are using facebook autolike site for First time , You have to Allow Facebook subscribers settings .
     Go to this link Facebook Followers settings  and change who can follow me to Everybody as in below   srceenshot .     

3. Now Go to GetAutoLikes.com and click Token Page as in below screenshot . 


4. You will be redirected to below page . Click on First Allow Our Facebook Application.

5. Make sure you are login to your facebook account . Click Okay to allow application like in below given screenshot.
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 6. After allowing the Application you need to Get Access token for facebook autolike site . Here is how to get Access token for autolike site
Just Go back to the first tab and Click on Now Get your Login Access Token like in below screenshot .

7. You will be Redirected to a page like given below screenshot . Just Copy the URL of the page 

  URL of the Page is your Accesss Token . 

8. Now Come Back to Home Page and paste the Access Token and click Login like in below screenshot 

9. Now You are Login to Autolike Site and Ready to use it . Just you have to Choose any one option . If you want to get likes on status click on Use Autolike status .

10. Now your Recent Status Updates or Photos will appear , Just Select any one of that on which you want to Get Free Likes.

Now you will get free likes within Minutes . Below is the Proof

Conclusion : You can use this as many times as you want and get 1000's of free likes on your status . I hope you enjoyed our post .. Please share it with your friends and help us to spread our words. Soon , I will try to bring a review and working of Mobile Autolike Working Site on my Blog . Stay Tuned


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