Jul 5, 2015

You want to be successful blogger? Avoid these mistakes

Aggressive Link-Building

Since individuals observed that building backlinks area unit the most issue that helps them to urge a lot of PageRank and smart program rankings, they began to build backlinks sharply. the very fact is, it's against Google’s policy. even supposing Google doesn’t say you shouldn’t build links, however once you try and build links sharply you’ll undoubtedly get hit by the Google algorithms like sphenisciform seabird.

Those who don’t grasp, Google sphenisciform seabird is AN rule that penalise the websites that involve in black-hat link building strategies.
As you'll be able to scan on google net master blog; it suggests build link naturally and ne'er try and manipulate their rule. however many of us don’t listen and build backlinks the maximum amount as potential sharply. The result? – Their sites got affected.
Google algorithms area unit sensible enough to spot the distinction between natural links and unnatural links. I created this type of mistake before, one among my sports web site disappeared from Google at intervals some of months. I applied reconsideration request to google, they didn’t offer Pine Tree State the precise reason, they solely said; your web site might need hit by one among our rule.

Once you get Google penalty it's tough to recover, it would take some weeks or months to recover. i made a decision to expel that sports web site.
Apart from Panda, sphenisciform seabird and apodiform bird, Google has another little algorithms that operates on a everyday. therefore ne'er to undertake manipulate Google by building links aggressive or by artificial means.
And don’t build a blunder by commenting solely on dofollow enabled commentluv sites. Imagine if individuals take away the commentluv plugin; you’ll suddenly lose uncountable backlinks which isn't smart for SEO.

Buying, mercantilism or Exchanging links

You might get away charges once murdering an individual in real-life, however you can’t get away Google’s eyes for terribly long doing black-hat link building stuffs.
Many people try this blackhat link building stuffs, they obtain links to rank websites; in fact paid links may assist you to spice up your rankings for a few time, however your web site will certainly get fined by Google during a long. therefore ne'er try and obtain links for your web site and additionally ne'er try and do link exchange along with your friends and alternative net masters. Also, building links from non-related niche may hurt your web site, therefore avoid it.
Only use white-hat link building techniques: simple and effective ways that to create links is by guest-posting, you get a top quality backlink and a connexion authority moreover.

Running behind PageRank

Another major mistake individuals do is, run behind PageRank; they struggle all the things within the world to urge smart PageRank. Earlier, there was AN assumption that links from several smart sites alone will offer you a high PageRank. However, during a recent PR update Google gave shock to several those that ran behind PageRank. i believe now Google thought-about alternative factors like social presence, domain age, connexion links, etc.
After I got hit by a google penalty for my sports web site, I build this web site slowly and naturally; I simply wrote five guest posts to this point (one on ShoutMeLoud ) and barely commented on three hundred blogs, however still got PR:1 simply. even supposing it’s not that nice, I’m happy. that the lesson is easy, build websites naturally and don't run behind PageRank.

Not Optimizing your web site

This is another mistake which will have an effect on your web site. simply recognize some websites from prime program results, and examine their sites, and you’ll see lots of distinction between them and low hierarchic sites. These all prime sites area unit well optimized for search engines.
There area unit 2 sorts of SEO improvement
On-Page improvement
Off-Page improvement
On-Page improvement
On-Page improvement happens at intervals the location like; dashing up your web site, adding good title tags, alt tags, anchor texts, submitting sitemaps on webmaster tools, victimisation Google authorship, adding breadcrumbs, etc.
Speed plays vital consider on-page improvement, if a web site is slower than three sec; it's terribly seemingly to rank low, as a result of Google loses some proportion of audience with every second delay. therefore confirm to hurry up your web site for higher ranks whereas optimizing. There area unit several strategies to hurry up your web site like; by adding CDN (Content delivery network), adding cache plugins, optimizing pictures, higher hosting, etc.
Adding Meta descriptions and Title tags area unit vital, additionally another-texts plays the key role in keyword rankings; use caution to not overuse anchor texts, otherwise your web site are fined for over-optimization. i exploit Premium On-page SEO plugin SEOPressor to optimize my web site.
So you ought to manage this stuff fastidiously whereas optimizing.

Off-Page improvement

Off-Page improvement includes building links naturally, social media presence, guest blogging etc. As i discussed on top of, build link naturally by writing guest posts or commenting on blogs; you don’t have to be compelled to write 15-20 guest posts, few guest posts on high quality sites will offer smart connexion links and name. confirm to not build links from completely different niches that's not associated with your site; Google may take into account it as a paid-link.

Writing calibre or Duplicate content

If you’re writing calibre or duplicate content on your journal, there's a high likelihood of obtaining fined by Google. in keeping with Google, calibre contents area unit the skinny contents that add no further worth to the audience. Earlier, writing 300-400 word articles were enough, however not anymore; currently Google values and ranks in-depth articles; the articles that provides complete data, the articles that area unit terribly useful for readers. therefore try and write well-researched articles and build a web site that helps the audience.
And talking regarding duplicate content, ne'er publish a taken content on your blog; Google bots area unit sensible enough to spot it. an additional issue is, try and avoid internal duplication; once you add uncountable tags and classes, typically Google sees it as multiple pages, and this won't be smart for SEO wise, therefore it’s higher to feature nofollow attribute to tags and classes. additionally confirm to exclude redundant pages from compartmentalization.


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