Aug 21, 2015

How to download and install Android 4.4 kitkat on any android mobile 2016

Android 4.4 kitkat
Android is an operating system which is commonly used by 10 million smartphones and tablets. There are many versions of the android which are named differently as Froyo, Cupcake, Honeycomb, Jellybean 4.2 and kitkat etc. In many Android mobile phones there exists a new version of Android games which can be downloaded from android market download. The newest android version is kitkat 4.4 which is very attractive with its new brand features in it. 

Features of Kitkat 4.4 Android:

  • Ok Google: Its the most attractive feature, in this you are having voice search, send a text, play a song, search internet. 
  • Multi tasking:Responds faster, touch is more accurate so that multiple things can also be done at a time like browsing the web, listening to music,downloading app etc.

  • Messaging: All the messages can be obtained in a single stream and no message will be lost. If you use hangouts, you can share anything. 
  • Every where: A picture or a document can be printed anywhere from your phone or tablet using cloud print. You can download it for free from the android apps download. 
  • Other features of this version includes HDR photography, Bluetooth MAP support, Downloads app redesign, email app refresh, Infrared blasting, secure app sandboxes, touch screen improvements.
Android versions are more popular because each version can be upgraded using "Android update" which is possible by the XDA developers they have extracted the kitkat launcher from Nexus google with Android and converted it to a APK file. This APK file installation is a very easy process and for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 mobiles have an official Android kitkat 4.4 update for the mobile. For other devices update Android phone 4.4 using step by step process given below.

Step by step process:

----->The first step you have to do is download the Android kitkat 4.4 launcher here: 
----->Check your device is with Android operating system Jellybean 4.1 or not.
----->From your phone updates, extract the download file using winrar.
----->After extraction, you can see 3 apk files Google Home.apk, velvet.apk, prebuiltGms core.apk. Move all these files to your phone memory.
----->Install these Apk files on your device. First install 
      prebuiltGms core.apk
      Google Home.apk

----->After installation of these 3 files press and hold the "Home" button then you will get Android 4.4 version.20683

Many Android applications can be downloaded it means upgrade Android mobile with the newest versions using "Android Software Download" and downloads apps for android in the market for free. Even the cheap android phones can also be upgraded. 
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