Aug 28, 2015

WhatsApp Bulk Sender Unlimited

I was looking for a TOOL/SOFTWARE that could send WhatsApp message to millions of my client, but I could not find exactly what I was looking for.  Some software I found were either too costly or they required monthly licensing or they had various Limitations or worst still the so called software were outright Fakes.

So instead of wasting my time and finances on all these scraps, my friend {a software expert} and myself {an IT guru, INFOPRENEUR, advert magnate} decided to redesign or better still modify one of these software to our taste. This decision we made lead to the BIRTH of a modified WHATSAPP BULK SENDER.

This software is basically the most robust solution available which allows you to send mass WhatsApp Messages with text, image, video, GPS Location & contact files based messages on WhatsApp to hundreds & thousands of WhatsApp users anywhere in the world! All completely free! Well, that’s because you can communicate on WhatsApp for free and our Bulk. WhatsApp Software allows you to broadcast message and reach your prospects & customers WhatsApp Inbox on a mass level only with a click of few buttons.

This software will let you go beyond the normal WhatsApp Messaging limits and allows you to add 100s & 1000s of Bulk WhatsApp Senders which are also known as WhatsApp Channels. That means that you can use the power of Bulk WhatsApp Messaging and start promoting anything on WhatsApp to thousands of numbers in one go.

You can send text messages, images, audio messages, long videos and even vCard information to WhatsApp registered users using our ultimate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software which works on any Desktop PC using Windows 7 with .Net 4 Framework installed.

We developed this modified (CRACKED) WhatsApp BULK messaging software to help people reach their clients.

How it works:

– You register your number (Add Sender) with valid password (generated with WART)
– You import a text file with numbers and scan them if they have WhatsApp (scan Receivers), then you export the good ones into a txt file
– You get the numbers from txt file and Paste them into the New Campaign, set your message and a picture (if you want) and click Add Campaign
– You watch in real time the sending of your message and see which numbers got your message

What do you need:

– Valid phone numbers that can get SMS to get verified with WART(its registration module)

What can it do:

– Send messages to other WhatsApp numbers
– Send pictures to other WhatsApp numbers
– Create campaigns and send bulk messages to WhatsApp numbers
– Possibility to validate numbers (check if they have or not WhatsApp) and export the valid numbers

Features and technical details:

– Scan numbers function, you can import a list of numbers and scan all of them and export the good numbers who have WhatsApp
– Live single test message
– You can load unlimited senders
– Campaign management, you can create multiple campaigns and broadcast specific messages and images
– Possibility to see in real time all sending statuses (pending, completed..)
– Options to control the delay between messages in campaigns and many other options

Advantages Of This Modified WhatsApp bulk Software

  • Global Access to All WhatsApp Numbers:With our software there is no limit to how many messages you send messages on WhatsApp. You can open yourself to new markets and reach to any area across the world to market your messages.
  • Send Videos for Free: Our powerful software allows you to upload & message videos on unlimited WhatsApp numbers in your database.
  • Send Images for Free:You can send images & photos in bulk at no extra cost
  • Greater Mobility:You can now send messages on thousands of WhatsApp phone numbers anywhere and anytime via simply an internet connection.
  • Immediate Reply: You can receive instant reply & results over your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns from your potential prospects & customers before you complete sending your messages via our software.
  • Save Money: You can save a lot of money that you traditional spend on limited character based SMS Services & Panels.
  • Global Marketing at Less Price: You can literally message anyone in the world just that they are having WhatsApp installed on their cell phone.

Contact me on

Contact Me: Ijaz ahamed
Follow the instruction there….
Not sure if our WhatsApp Marketing Solution & System will work for your type of business? Why don’t you take a trial and see what kind of response do you get!
 **NOTE: Use it only for personal purposes, WE don’t encourage sending messages to strangers, NO SPAM **


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