Oct 13, 2015

How Facebook Auto Like Working??

In this post we will learn How to get free likes on our facebook status and photo . Getting  free facebook likes with the help of facebook auto like bot is very famous among fb users. Everyone loves free things , so getting free likes on fb status and profile photo is also loved by almost everyone. But only a small number of fb users know about this tricks and those know are getting problem in using these fb auto like bots. Their are large number of website to increase facebook likes that act as an medium for getting auto like to photo or status. Using these sites are really easy if we know the correct method on how to use autolike sites to get free likes for fb

You might have seen that some people have only 100's of friends but the likes on their profile photo is in thousands , this is not done by their Friends they use auto like tricks to get facebook likes for free.  Below is an example of fake likes on my friends photo

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How these Auto like Fb trick work?

This is really very easy to get likes on our photo or status within few seconds. There are number of websites which provides you with these autolike service, you can use that website for gaining free unlimited likes. You can attract your friends by showing your likes, who knows that they are fake likes . 
If you don't know how to use these websites to get likes continue reading the post . I have mention every step, just follow that steps.

Steps To Use Auto like Facebook trick 

There are number of website you can use to increase your facebook likes . Here I amusing Official liker site to show you an example of auto like .
Below screenshot is of my profile picture before i use Autolike and at the end of the post their is a screenpost after using auto like
Screenshot before using autolike
Without wasting time let us know how to use these auto like sites work. Almost all of these sites need Accesstoken. How to get access token is only main consideration.

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  1. First Step is to visit the website. I am using Official liker
  2. Than click on Get Access token like below screenshot.
     3. Than you will redirected to Facebook. Login to your account (ignore if already login)
     4. Now Click on Okay like Below Screenshot.

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     5. Now you will be redirected to a different pageYour Access token is in that page URL


    6. Just Copy the access token and paste it in the mane page 

   7. Now Just select the post or Photo on which you want free likes. You can repeat this process to get unlimited facebook likes for free

Screenshot after using autolike

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