Oct 22, 2015

Top New Whatsapp features 2015

Top Whatsapp features you must know 

Whatsapp Messenger has became the most popular messaging application all over the world and is the choice for millions of users. Whatsapp Messenger is available for iOS , Android , Symbian and even for supported java phones that is its best thing i love. you might have whatsapp installed in your phone and i am sure you are using it as your default messaging app . you may be happy to know that there's plenty of more to the application than just sending messages. Below is the list of Top Whatsapp Features You might Missed .  

1. Send Whatsapp conversation history

you can send an entire conversation history of whatsapp to anyone . you can send it via Email too.

How to Send : 

In Android
click on the Menu option in a whatsapp conversation > Go to More > Select 'Émail Conversation'  and enter the Email address of the one whom you want to send the Entire conversation.

In iOS
go to settings and choose "Email Chat History"".

2.Save the photos you received 

The photos or videos that you send or receive will remain stored on your device in whatsapp/media/whatsapp images or whatsapp videos folder 

In Android , you can view this files directly in the gallery
In iOS , you found your files stored in photos app.

3. Change the whatsapp chat screen wallpaper

You can change the background of your whatsapp conversation . you dot have to stare at your boring same chat window , you can optimized it of your own choice

In Android ,  you can change the background by going to the 'Wallpaper' option in the chat menu.
In iOS, choose 'conversation settings' in the settings menu and click on 'Çhat Wallpaper''

4. Use the Enter key to send Messages

 There is an option in whatsapp which allows you to use the Enter key in android virtual keyboard to send whatsapp messages instead of having to press the send button in whatsapp , which is another an great feature of whatsapp . To Enable this feature:

go to "chat preference" in the settings menu and check the " Enter is Send"  box

Unfortunately this option is not available in iOS version of whatsapp.

5. Create shortcuts to WhatsApp conversations.

This feature is for those who are whatsapp addict. Almost all of us are whatsapp addict. If you are a whatsapp addict then you might get fed up with launching the app everytime you want to speak to someone. So here i am going to givw you a trick using which you can create shortcuts to your whatsapp conversation  easily that appear on your home screen. Just tap the icon with the name of the contact and you don't need to open whatsapp everytime you receive a new message.

Here is the trick, how can you set this feature in your android mobile

choose "more" option in the chat menu and tap the "Add conversation shortcu" option . you are done.

6. Broadcast a whatsapp message

Many times we probably receive a good message that we want to share with our friends but sending message individually to each friend takes a lot of time . Here is the best way through which you can easily send your messages to more than one person in no time ."Broadcast Message" is the whatsapp feature which allows you to do so. 

Just select the "Broadcast message"option in the more menu and select the contacts you want to send message and then type your message and send.

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