Dec 24, 2015

[X-Mas Gift] !!!! Share up to 1 GB File Through WhatsApp, Hike, Wechat or Any IM Apps !!!! [X-Mas Gift]

Hai Hackabalerzzz,,,

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a very popular mobile messaging app available for google android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Nokia Series 40, Symbian 60, Windows Phone. In addition to sending text messages over internet, it also allows users to share and send Images, Audios and Videos with each other. But it have limitations like,,

  • There is no in-built option to send other file types such as PDF, DOC, APK, etc.
  • You cannot send videos larger than 16 MB.
  • Images are compressed and sent to the receiver.
  • Quality is noticed on computer.
  • If we want to send HD images, the quality will be significantly reduced.
All Above Limitations are Over Come Our Special App Named WhatsTool
How to Configure Whatstool?

  • Download Whatstool
  • Install Whatstool
  • Signin With Google Account
  • Turn on Whatstool Service

How to Use WhatsTool?

  • Just Open WhatsApp
  • Select Contact if you want share.
  • Select Attach Button {You are Surpriced}
  • Enjoy with WhatsTool
Video Tutorial


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