Mar 12, 2016

How to Create Free YouTube Intro Video - [No Software]

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How to Create Free YouTube Intro Video?
How to Create High Quality Video?
How to Create Video for Business?
How to Create YouTube Video?
How to Create Fun Video?
How to Create Special Occasion Video?
How to Create Business Video?

All question have only one Answer



Flixpress is a Online Video Making Website,

What is Flixpress?

At Flixpress.com, we have created a service that allows everyone to create broadcast quality video online in minutes. Our online application is perfect for creating bumper videos: things like segment introductions or end caps that bookend your main content and give you the kind of professional look and feel that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is what most of our customers need and use regularly. But we don't stop there.

We also make it incredibly easy and affordable to create fully-realized, professional video to introduce a product or service to the mass market.

And there are endless possibilities available through our custom services.

How it Work

Flixpress is a groundbreaking service that empowers the average computer user to produce high-end video content in minutes using only a web-browser. It gives you the freedom to make your finished video as simple, or as complex as you desire.

Our unique, layout-based approach enables everyone to produce high end video and 3D animation with plenty of simple customization opportunities. Most often, all you need to do is upload a picture and type out your custom text. In minutes you can create incredible, broadcast quality, professional 3D animation and video that was previously available only to professionals with deep pockets. And don't worry, we use standard video file formats so your downloaded file is sure to play nicely with all the your familiar video editing software or the big social websites.

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Features of Flixpress

    • No experience or software required
    • Create video for less than a $1/month
    • Most videos are ready in 2 minutes or less
    • Create video that Pros would be proud of
    • Mix it up, and go beyond a video template
    • YouTube Intros, Ads, Slideshows, Promos

Pricing Details

How to Create a Video Intro?
  • Go to this Website .
  • Signup.
  • Select Template.
  • Enter Channel Name and Description.
  • Click Download.

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